Your Opposite Works for you

Your Opposite Works for you

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Duality is a necessary dance between opposites.

How duality swings right and left to centre you

That which is against you is for you. Imagine your back against the wall, you are taking support from the wall but you say it’s “against you”. It is the same concept with your so- called foe. They are there to create balance within you. Where love turns to hate to make you expand. Let us examine the workings of duality.

Learning what you don’t want

It is through the pendulum swinging the other way, not in your favour that you learn what you don’t want. What doesn’t feel right for you in a particular relationship. Before you entered this relationship, you thought you knew what you wanted. But it’s through experiencing (expanding) that you learnt better. In this game of duality, many come out with a victim mentality and forget that you are here to experience. Only you determine what you keep experiencing. If you get stuck in a victim mentality, you will keep experiencing trials and tribulations.

You created the circumstance

Based on the idea that you brought all the people, places and things in your life from your previous life, you create your circumstance. Your mind creates from thought alone, if you keep going over the same script, you will create that script. Your whole life will be taken up by play backs. This means you constantly live in the past and close off the future because the now moment is spent in the past. Remember those that hurt you are the strongest form of your mirror. What hurts was created from within and they are there to reflect it. In this way, duality works in your favour as they build you up by seeing the mirror.

Build your temple

Have you ever thought about the opposite? How are those that hurt you close enough to hurt you? Back to your back being against the wall, you needed support. This is the same way you build a temple in duality. Ever watched the top of the pyramid, at the apex, two forces push against each other to build the pyramid. It is the same with your temple, duality is the force field created by two to push against you in order to build your mind (temple). The harder the force, the stronger the temple.


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