Dive into the Mysteries of Your Heart  

Why it is important to explore the mystical nature of your heart   Poems have been scribed about the heart, songs have been […]

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The Art of Minding Your Own Business

Do you know what it means to mind your own business? If someone told you to mind your own business would you be upset? Like […]

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Why The Law of Attraction does not work for the Masses

If the law of attraction is not working for you, do not despair. By finding out exactly what the problem areas are you get to the root cause of the problem and dig it out.You have to do the work! Visit www.innermagnet.com for more information.


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Can you reinvent yourself for wealth?

The commitment to reinvent yourself must come from right from within you. The timing is yours and no one can force you. Get your mind in alignment with what you want to be by getting quiet. This has really helped me; I can not recommend it more!

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The Untapped Power of the Brain

Have you found yourself wondering why you do not get results you want? Is your subscious mind in conflict with your conscious mind? Well, you can get both aligned to get the results you desire. Go to www.innermagnet.con for your free downloads to guide you on your growth.

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Are you standing in the way of your own of success?

Success comes with obeying certain laws of the universe and disobeying these laws sets us on a different path.  In my previous article I mentioned […]

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A Tried View of Making Change Easy

When you have been doing the work and the results (changes) do not seem to come by as you would want them, do not despair. […]

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