Awakenings your Lotus

The Female Form (Meditations)

Conversations of the Heart   The strength of the bow is in its bend, the arrow strikes hard and sharp bearing to this bend.   […]

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Wake up!

Sleeping beauty can never stop her dreams while she sleeps, she needs to wake up from them. If you enjoyed this piece, find out more […]

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What is success?

Written by @linzo What is success but a pursuit of the mind? For all the achievements of man, man still pursues beyond himself but […]

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Echo in the Mountain

Written by @linzo Once upon a long musical note Echoed the mountains in a dance Awakening their beauty in a major chord   […]

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Sorrow No More

Written by @linzo Fed to my bare bones, what more can life offer But an empty promise, recycled through the ages Daunted by the constant […]

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Inner Magnet