Here Now!

Transition (Original poem)

Transition is another word for death/transformation. Without which, the seasons will not be here. So why do we resist it?

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No Such Thing as Straight Lines (Poetry)

Now you know death is inevitable despite the mind’s lies about the future. How can a future be possible without the present?

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Living in the past has cost me dear (Original Poem)

Living in the past has cost me dear In misery and despair it is all clear Entangled in what could have been The struggle goes […]

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The Sun Always Shines (Poetry)

Their is a blaze in your heart, release the spark that has been hidden for 2000 years.

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Ball of Fire (Original Poem)

It is time to set the blaze alight. Find the spark in the crevice of your heart.
Fire up!

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Inner Magnet