I am Sorry!

I am Sorry!

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Sorry picks up sorrow!

Sorry I didn’t pick up the pieces sooner!

Written by @linzo

I am sorry I let myself,

Get wrapped up in ego and anger so grave

To not see the similarities that make us brave

And longing for unity we all crave

I am sorry I let my feeling,

Dictate the state of my emotional wellbeing

In an imbalanced irrational folly so revealing

Even to a child who laughs at the unveiling

I am sorry I let my identity,

Be defined by actions so inherently human

In my hour of superiority so inhuman

My woes became so plain

I am sorry I let my grief,

Take away our relationship in both sisterhood and brotherhood

To crossroads of separating even our deep memory of childhood

As I passed my weighted burden upon your hood

Will you forgive me?

For sister, brother’s sake

Imbedded in an inheritance so brave

To take courage in our ancestor’s stake

For I am truly sorry!


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