Thank you!

Thank you!

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With Gratitude


I have been gifted in many ways in this life

but one gift stands out the most.


My beloved, you have taken a feeble soul

and you are slowly turning her into courage.


My gratitude often comes in waves of complaints

but you accept my wounded blind folds.


My love is always shaken by the mundane

but you waiver not in your resolve.


My patience is temporal like the weather

but you watch for the limited gaps of my awakening moments.


I struggle to even trust myself

yet your love engulfs my whole constitution.


I am familiar with the ways of the ego

yet that is the pit of my misery.


You accept all my profanities

even if I am ashamed of them.


You light a candle in my darkness and sit with me

yet all you are is light.


Your compassion engulfs my anger

even when I refuse to dissolve.


I am a very stubborn child

but my devotion continues to simmer an antidote.


I want to fall in your arms

if only I can find the courage to trust you totally.


But my days are numbered

as my ego bleeds out.


I am simply grateful!

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