To My Love

To My Love

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2018 at 1:24 pm and is filed under Gift of Love, The path of Love | 0


Dear my beloved,


I saw the remnants of your stirring

in the waters that course through my veins.

You leave scars of remembrance every time.

Your touch is lethal yet healing


I love the way you make me cry tears of joy

I love the way I long for your presence

Your beauty permeates the depth of my soul

Your grace renders all my defences weak


I am in owe of the fragrance of your love

I think about you every minute of the day

I dream about our mad passions every night

I have left the life I once knew for you, for us


My heart watches attentively for your call

Jumping excitedly at every moment

I am not in control of this passion any more

Take your chance my love, the lamb is ready for slaughter




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