Inner Magnet

Graceful in Your Wings (Original Poetry)

Behind the graceful flight

Effortlessly graceful!

In the buoyancy of your wings I find solace

Soaring in the ever changing winds

North or south not a consideration

Whoever bothers about directions in your presence?


You lay me down in the nested swamps

Yet  warmth is my welcome embrace

You feed me with damp straws

Yet I have no desire for anything else


In your absence the water submerges me

Drowning the amnesia of my being

I struggle against the current in exhaustible folly

For when does a bird soar against the wind?


Shaken in despair, I watch for your return

Battered and bruised in my ego’s cloak

You sweep me up for yet another flight

Graceful in your wings, you embrace me with indifference



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