At the Hands of Curiosity

At the Hands of Curiosity

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Explore with curiosity..

Nothing like childlike curiosity can lead to exploration.


Written  by @linzo

Where curiosity resides in love

Needles can be found in hay stacks

In hopeless desolate places

Where a prickly search leads me

To my feeble decaying flesh

Parading itself in bone brittleness


In a self made prison barred by skeletal structures

Built upon the foundation of an age old lie

I am shaken from the cold of longing

As hairs stand guard upon droplets of my sweat

In response to a tear jerked defence

I stand in fear of that which I created


To protect a transient gate of materialism

Delirious in my despair, the illusion flashes

In shock, I lose the keys to my prison gate

Bones ceasing in locked in syndrome

As the hinged tendons cry out for movement

Hope turns a key at the hands of curiosity


Image credit: Pixabay

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