Face of Innocence

Face of Innocence

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What innocence has to experience.

Innocence and experience


Written by @linzo


Within the sound of silence is a fleeting moment

Holding a floating feather into oblivion

As captured innocence reveals its face

In an effort to still play child like games


School bag in tow, weight of world on a child’s shoulder

Skipping merrily to the harvester’s tune

Ideas fed in knowledge, in exchange for purity

Innocence bottled up, cookie cutter gears up


A blank stare, withdrawal in confusion

Betrayal compiled with a need for greed

As innocence becomes a battlefield for profiteers

Haggling stolen child hoods to the highest bidder


An amassed rebellion, innocence wakes up

In a galvanising childlike giggle ripple effect

Fed by the blazing fires of love and compassion

Touching the face of innocence


Image credit: Pixabay

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