The Female Form (Meditations)

The Female Form (Meditations)

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The female form

The grace in the female form

Conversations of the Heart


The strength of the bow is in its bend, the arrow strikes hard and sharp bearing to this bend.


A female form fragile and agile yet bears all fruits of nature, a male form strong and fast yet this strength can’t bear the lining of birth.


Delicate and tender the female struggles to survive. What gives a lioness the strength to hunt, the milk to breast feed and the fierce resolve to protect the pride has been made into a weakness.


Where knowledge is wisdom and might is right, the female is desecrated.

Where beauty and grace are sported, the female is but a trophy


Creativity lies deep in the womb of the female, with her struggle to survive, the world is a paint brush short.


Procreation has become her means of holding on to any sanity. Her service to the world has been chained to poster beds and kitchens. Prostituting herself against her nature in order to survive, the female is but a master’s toy.


In men and women the female quality struggles against a world in turmoil. Burying her creative power in masqueraded art, no short of catwalks.


In this paradigm, her children are forced from her breast, schooled in the art of war to serve yet another generation.


As her children cry in protest, degenerative tools of war are handed out as pacifiers

to slowly destroy themselves for might’s cause.


While earth weeps in deforestation, disease, war, abject poverty…. the shift is way overdue


With all doors slamming in her face, the female has reached the point of no return


Her creative power has been summoned to the mountain of Zion


To adorn the world with her scented flowers of kindness


To echo a song in the hearts of her male counter part


To join the birds in the poetry of love


To play the music on David’s harp


To bring her children home



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