Merge Your Lips to form a Kiss

Merge Your Lips to form a Kiss

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Meditations of Lovers’s call


Now my heart bleeds with his incessant calls

Now I feel a spring in my step

Now I die to meet my mate


I hear the cuckoo’s call

The nightingale’s song

I can smell the fragrant rose


My memory far from home, my stagger jolted by fear

The demons within my dreams haunt my resolve

The divine within my heart flaunts them so


The hand that gives is the hand that takes

My despair is but a road to redemption

Soaked in tears, dried by the fire of my passion


Each drop released is a memory disentangled

Each disentangled memory is a stagger home

Direction impeded by the haze in my eyes, a sensory maze to add to my agony


The Sensory snare weaves in five directions

But balance the sixth, stealth fully cheats the five

In balance is silence, in silence I find my mate


With duality complete, the scene is set

I have a guide to get me home

His furnace is ablaze but that’s love’s embrace


The fire is key, the hell in heaven

I cry it all, I love him so

I walk through it, I find us both


Mother Universe laughs, at man’s folly

At Eve’s fall, Adam was all

The blame was hers  but  the fire twined


Nature’s vine always ripe to quench us all

But the thirsty few to drink from its trough

Wine so sweet it awaits your call


Life is twined, division is death

Bitter sweet, a double-edged sword

Play in twos to find the one


The only magician is one with a trick

Be one with your mate, the play is one

Merge your lips to form a kiss















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