Why a mystic rose never blinks an eye

Why a mystic rose never blinks an eye

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Mystery in a rose

Why is a rose so mysterious?

Have you ever wondered why a mystic rose
never blinks an eye at all the travellers up her way?
With her mysteries laid bare for open eyes to see
she dances mad with rage at the wind’s beckoning
Infusing the air with the purity of her fragrance
Spreading her scent far and wide

Fragile in her strength, her grace in petals tender
Blissful in blossoms free, giving in innocent glee
shrivelling not at nature’s ways, calling all the seasons forth
Patient like a womb, trust her never ending shadow
Silent in her resolve, to penetrate her is to be one with her
But touch her not if you are blind, her thorns lay in await

Written by Linzo
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