Sorrow No More

Sorrow No More

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Sorrow where love is not!

What is sorrow but love amiss?

Written by @linzo

Fed to my bare bones, what more can life offer

But an empty promise, recycled through the ages

Daunted by the constant haunting of death

Lurking in our shadows, as we feebly accumulate

Material wealth to encase the stench of rotting flesh

Neither he nor she, knows the end

As they begin the journey of mortality as infants

Crying the air in their lungs, soothing the wrath off the edges

Of the impeding old age fallacy

That this is it, a hoard of material belonging

A sorry state indeed, as our hearts

Unleash the sleeping seeds within

In despair and seeking the formless

To give meaning to the formed

Breaking it down to energy forms of light

Relieving us from the physical burdens

As we sorrow no more

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