Swing of left and Right (Meditations)

Swing of left and Right (Meditations)

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In left and right meditations

Left and right meditations


Deviating paths yet besides them, linear ones emerge

With as much grace to challenge your perception


A master watches both in wonder

With no preference to either path


Inviting the stillness of choicelessness

In whose calmness he surrenders his steps into the river of life


Always in constant flux, yet the flow is unimpeded by time

Flowing towards the ocean of everlasting life


Where eternal bliss challenges the time in minds

Plagued with the woes of matter


Condensed in vibrations of folly

That matter is all you are


Yet opposites still dance to the tune of emotions

Swinging you left and right


In a relentless pendulum of tick tock

That tires not wonder but knowledge


Take no refuge in the pendulum

Calm in stillness in the footsteps of immortals who have walked the earth


Rest your search on the middle point of the swing

Neither left nor right, peace arises here




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