The Female Form

The Female Form


Reunite with your female

Capture the female in you!

Written by @linzo

Happy Women’s Day!


To women and men, power resides

Neither his nor hers


As illusions go, the biggest yet

In divisions of power, we all met


In thinking that,

Feminine power is only a woman’s chalice

In a creative wound of fervent fire


To whose aid a child is born

Both to female and male descent to scorn



In a female form to allude the eyes

Goddess of union, yoga unites


Beauty adorned in a graceful frame

An attractive quality we try to tame


Love to nature, a mother stands guard

Earth to heart, reigning to ground


Committed to justice a female cries

In men and women as earth dries


A desperate call to conjure a union

In everyday, a female formation


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