The Mid-Way Meditations

The Mid-Way Meditations

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Mid- way meditations

Meditations of mid-way


Conversations of the Heart

Dissolvement of Opposites

I thought an experience of perfection is a guarantee but then you say that we are here to know the different levels of imperfections so that we can appreciate perfection.

Everything in the body is death-decay, transient in whatever way you dress it. The lure to perfection is the lure to transcend the bodily transient needs to something deeper.

What we see as perfection is an illusion e.g queen (power)=money=perfection. This leaves a trail to what we deem as perfect relationships.  All the Disney princess stories allude to this surface (skin deep) but the real value is in the princess/prince (male/female) combination route to true happiness – in ones with no separation.

Society has tipped the balance to male (malevolent) rule. Balance is in both.

So the next time you read Sleeping Beauty, remember that it isn’t only the princess that is awaiting for her prince but the prince is awaiting for her too.

Value of Pain

Pain reigns us in our destinies, those who suffer most are destined to radiate love at higher frequencies than most.

Those that are handicapped according to your perception live fuller lives as they are forced to stay present. Being different keeps you on constant fringes of separation along either colour lines, gender, physical or mental disabilities, sexual orientation…. Along these lines, you are always alert!

Pain then forces you to see beyond your anger or your aggressors. For life is a constant struggle. To fit into a shoe of perfection that is imperfect is in itself revealing your imperfection.

Money and Love

Money and love are supposed to be the main ways we strive through the body. Everything that you think of as a source of your happiness is either hidden in vaults lined with gold or in the deep loins of love. A painful surrender in the mid-summer meadow evokes the memory of what could have been -regret in love.

But is it? On Close examination of love, the staff we are made of (all that there is). It doesn’t make sense to seek it fervently in another, striving towards something that you already are.

But because we are here to experience what we are not in order to know that which we are. The game of chase manifests in two people drawn by fate. For pain is a shadow in every love affair.

If you have been observant, you will have noticed that every time you make love, there is a feeling of both sadness and happiness at its climax. What you don’t understand is that at this point you are her/him. Yeah! Push and pull is the game here.

Love here on earth will always result in pain of some sort for that is the only way we grow.

Your dream of perfection in castles and princes on horse backs galloping to rescue a damsel in distress is just that – a dream!

When you wake up in a four-post bed having made love all night in silks and linens, room service at your beck and call; you will still experience a sense of death then. Don’t misunderstand this statement; you love her/him, you feel the undulations of joy in the wave-like no other. But fear stalks you like a grudged debtor. Fear of losing what you have just experienced. It is like you are in a dream. And that is because it is!

The question then arises if you are ready for the oscillating wave that is life on its way down just as you enjoyed the top.

Don’t give up on love, just learn to love totally and dissolve the opposites.

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