To Silence

To Silence

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Value of silence


Silence is embedded in the very fabric of nature

Yet noise is master of the five-sensory realm


A rose knows the secrets of time

Only through its ability to sit in silence


The wind whispers past ears of men

Yet nothing of the infinite can be heard


Man has isolated himself from nature

Choosing to leave on the peripheral of survival


Locked in a two-dimensional five-sensory realm

Life is but just an idea


Silence holds the key to man’s life

The very access to man’s being


Without which, man is enslaved

In an ego matrix


Aesthetics attempt to pierce through man’s peripheral

But man’s inner senses are but damned down


Birds play their sweet melodies from silence

But who bothers to listen?


Only those who have come to understand

The difference between the sacred and the sacrilegious.


Create a space for silence

Find your center!


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