Age of Pisces

Age of Pisces

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Pisces:From sacrifice to creativity










Transcending the age of Sacrifice


Age of Pisces that is the fish

The last in the queue, of zodiac signs

Bearing its water, in the birth of Christ


We are leaving the age, back behind

Ready for the new age of Aquarius

Creating a new dawn in clear waters


While Pisces was engaged, the waters were dirty

For the symbol of dreams, our dreams were not

It was the rule of the iron fist, that I saw


Our dreams were taken, by those with might

We laboured in vain, our cries unheard

To cheer up those with a mighty sword


The Jesus figure is symbolic of Pisces

That is the fisher man, touting the net

Fishing for minds to fall in the net


Jesus was sacrificed, that was the age

In order to balance, sacrifice was in tow

Of an age-old belief, we became lambs


But here comes Aquarius, the water bearer

Holding a pitcher, in the waters free

To usher in an age, our freedom pass


Where waters flow, creativity engages

In the art of freedom, our safe passage

In creators free and young at heart


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