Age of Spirituality

Age of Spirituality

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Happy is the new vibe!

In the Vibe


What is the difference between right and wrong?

Is that duality’s cause of concern?

Why must we always choose?

And loose the now moment.




But we have forgotten awareness,

That which is in the moment of now,

Always charging in alertness,

The highest state of mind.


There are mountains to climb,

If only you are willing,

Willing to reach the top,

And find thyself within the struggle.


For those that are able,

To take thy hand of learning,

Open your mind to receive,

The wisdom of self.


For spirituality is the new age,

Age of learning and expansion,

With your heart and mind,

Uniting in the God one.


The new energies are here,

Aligning with your readiness to learn,

And be one with the tribe,

This is the new vibe.


Image credit: Pixabay


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