Born for Greatness

Born for Greatness

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Happy in greatness!

Born for Greatness

Even when I struggle

I don’t seem to get away from you

Though painful, you are addictive

I feel the rebellion in my hands as I write


I don’t want to accept my love for you

For pain is the interpretation of the ego

I want to be consummated for it

Be seen for it like a wounded child


Yes, the wounded child is coming out

Throwing tantrums for your attention

Yet you just watch like a masterful parent

Waiting for the ego to fizzle out


Yet the blaze keeps going

Turning on different colours to mask the shame

For why would the ego go to these lengths?

To fight the soul on its way up?


The soul engages it not

For in its sleep the ego became the boss

Identifying with things, people and places

Losing the self in the mix


But now the drums of awakening beat

Sounding the alarm to awaken

For all sleeping souls on the planet

To put the ego in its place


Why must I hide in something obviously foul

Must I continue to live in deceit?

For the comforts of ego’s play

No, my beloved I must plod on


Though the journey is long

And I am weary of the trials

I must keep the work going

I must keep the faith


The nature of your love is such

Tender and forgiving

Always with a place for the tired

But how do I know my place in your heart


Look deeper, look deeper within

For who I am is you

Drop any identity and the doors open

For that is the garbage you are laden with


Come naked as a new born

That is the only way to start anew

Trust the universe to do the rest

You were born for greatness


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