Child turned Master ( Original Poetry)

Child turned Master ( Original Poetry)

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 at 5:14 pm and is filed under Life and Death, Poetry | 0



Within the valley of my unconscious thought

Sleeps a maiden with a tightened knot

Ready to hang at the next reading at the gallows

She stumbles in darkness, her feeble shadow follows


Drowned in blood, soaked in sorrow

Her master knows no morrow

For the maiden bleeds in vain

The rapture is fed from her vein


Teased by the lure to the mountain top

Bathed in tender cowardly hope

Her master’s joy, her begging plea

Weakness in tow, no room to flee


A screaming womb ready to birth revenge

Life and death in shooting range

A twisted dance in her soft embrace

Her master is her child, a sparking remembrance


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