Dying for Something Outside yourself

Dying for Something Outside yourself

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The cross

The cross is used as a sign of sacrifice

Understanding the age of Sacrifice


Dying for something outside yourself,

Has been a 2000 years’ teaching,

In the great book called the bible.

For Jesus died on the cross,

For the sins of men not himself.


This kind of teaching has caused a stir,

We are all busy doing just so,

Sacrificing our time at jobs,

Run by so called families into the ground.

A complete misunderstanding of love.


For how can you love the other without-

Loving yourself?

It is a persistent curse, it is a cancer,

As we die every day to causes outside self,

Evading the internal realm for the external.


But what to do with such a big wave?

Religious influence is so big, it is a net,

Catching fish was catching souls,

That is Jesus the fisher of men,

As the bible tells you so.


Have you ever asked why a fish hat to a Pope?

He is fishing for men or put truthfully, for souls,

And all religions do this in a different way,

They all have the cross either in a cube- the Kaaba,

Or the star of David which is a cube hence a cross.


Whoever influences you in life is who you are,

When you die you will go to that space,

Your mind is your spaceship,

That you use to travel, your Merkaba,

So, at death, you travel to your beliefs.


It is one thing knowing and the other to stop,

The cancer of caring and dying for others,

For things outside ourselves aren’t us,

That is the daily bread, daily sacrifice,

For the leaders to exist, they need sacrifice.


The internal space is sacred alright,

Only you are invited within,

That is where your power resides,

Hence the continuous distractions to keep you out,

In media, education, politics…….


They have tied a noose around our necks,

Pushing out fake narratives,

To keep the age of sacrifice going,

Nailing us on the cross,

For their mentalities, hither.



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