Entangled Mind (Original Poem)

Entangled Mind (Original Poem)

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Tangle in mind

What a tangle the mind likes to dance!

Written by @linzo


Battered and bruised, an entangled mind

Tired and flat from the daily grind


Wilful and steadfast, a master’s cane

Dutiful and despondent, a slave’s pain


Coercion in fees, so little to live

Body and mind, steer to grieve


Depression in wait, as despair evokes

Memories so deep, a soul provokes


A sitting duck, condition prevails

In stubborn survival behind the veils


A sickness in health, evokes the will

From the depth within, to weep a spill


A cheat to death, a new lease of life

As garments of illusion are abandoned in strife


Image  credit: Pixabay

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