Freedom from Manipulative Markets (Original Poetry)

Freedom from Manipulative Markets (Original Poetry)

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Free from Manipulative Markets


There is a volatile dance permeating the atmosphere

One that only responds to drums of fear

Drip feeding the raging fire of despair


There is a gathering storm in the horizon

One that powers the devil’s child of a tornado and hurricane

Hell bent on crashing everything in its limited zone


There is an invitation in your letter box

One that shreds the resolve of a cunning fox

Back in its place like a Jack in the box


There is a haggle down the market

One that frees man from manipulative markets

Lining his pockets with a freedom pass to life’s secrets


There is a meeting down the road

Of people formulating a new code

Which no priest, politician or pundit can decode


There is a new paradigm shift

Where people can see through a lying fleet

And respond with a loving beat




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