God’s Way

God’s Way

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God’s way is like a field of sun flowers!

The path to God’s way


I was listening to a stream

It got me thinking, of what proper way to live

We have all heard of the healthy scream

Where instructions are given on how to live


I have done courses, I am guilty of this

Living outside myself, has been a hobby

Little did I know I will be hunted by thee

Until I learnt the correct way to live


There is a way to do things, it’s God’s way

Where you seek the kingdom first; that is within

You go on a path where you find yourself

And the rest falls in place, so I am told


But this path is fierce, it’s only for the brave

So, we have devised shortcuts, we’re proud of these

We steal and pillage, we are not even aware

We call it working, while the corporations win


Because God’s way is hard, we run from self

And plunder away our time, a valuable resource

We seek the pleasures of the world

And feel bad when we miss their attainment


We look for signs, be it in the sky

For Biblical events to occur

So that we can validate what we know

When all along it is within


No one notices the line between baby and toddler

It’s a transition, so is any event

You become the event whether negative or positive

When you create and contribute to positive transition


Or you plunder away hours in speculation

Now you know what a wise man once said

“change is coming whether you like it or not”

So tighten your belt and follow your path


That path is hard because it is only for you

No one is like you, you are unique

Seek fervently for your creative path

A poet working in a bank is a tragedy


Learn to dance to your own tune

That is the only way joy comes

And it brings other gifts

Because you are living God’s Way


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