Happy is the New Normal (Original poem)

Happy is the New Normal (Original poem)

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Trail into happy

Go find your happy


What’s normal without norms?

What are norms but chains of trade

Parading themselves in traditions of woe

Calling forth pits of desperate cries for unique abodes


Now turn it around 360 degrees

Making a new decree of happy

One that will stand the test of time

Breaking all chains linked in crime


For whose right is it to be happy?

Whose choice is it to take?

Aren’t norms and customs slave trades,

Where masked faces bleed in silence?


Let the blood sodden masks fall off

Let your faces take a healing breeze

Feel the love in the naked embrace

That swooned you once in your mother’s arms


Oh, make happy the new normal

Like a child drank with glee

A butterfly floating free

In the arms of eternal love



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