Hold your Fire ( Original Poem)

Hold your Fire ( Original Poem)

Posted on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 at 6:44 pm and is filed under Art of Living, Poetry | 0


Hold your fire, the circle is complete

Might you remember not to compete

And rival within the cold press

That feeds the dungeons of compress


Hold your fire, find your brotherhood

Within the compilation of piled wood

Yet to engulf us all

If we hear not the call


Hold your fire, temper your appetite for blood

Lest you become one of that brood

That seeks revenge within a baby’s cry

And holds a maiden who dares to pry


Hold your fire, not another smoking gun

To fire the powder of a deadly urn

Invoking the thirst of youth

To take up violence in the womb of mother earth


Please hold your fire, in the arms of love

Find a new way to live like a dove

And fly off to new heights

Where violence finds no nights



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