Hold on to Your Child

Hold on to Your Child

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Meditation of a Creative Soul

Hold on to your precious children

Their thieves out here in the Wren

Wading in these heavy steamy waters

Without spirituality/creativity on their quarters

Take power and control of your children

As children are your creative egg from the hen

Oozing out the feminine womb bathe waters

In a Piscean wave of mutable waters

Music and poetry out of her, a mic

While thieves hide in Executive Mike

That pimps the child from its creative mother

In contracts that rape the womb of her power

Trickery, upon trickery thieves display on the black mirror

On Mickey Mouse’s invitation, your child is paraded in horror

Behind child friendly costumes the invitation is sweet

In parties celebrating the signing of new contracts your blood is inept

In summer barbecues, the steam of creative juices, abundance flows

Like a moth to a flame, thieves stalk your child with vengeful claws

Candy and burgers to entice the child to their deadly snare

Weaved in the ivy serpentine coils with no care


Please always meditate on what you read

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