Hope for tomorrow (Original Poem)

Hope for tomorrow (Original Poem)



Cold in the winter

Cold in the winter’s night


This poem is dedicated to the homeless man on the freezing stony pavement I spoke to today with a warm home in his heart!


Written by @linzo

Like a passing wind my vision is blurred

by constant movement of those whose

innocence still affords them to explore the mundane.


Cold to the bone, beaten by the merciless chill that seeks

to awaken me to my undiscovered potential.

I am strengthened to the promise that I AM.


My environment striped to nothing but the basic warmth

in a freezing winter that knows no homelessness,

I still stand, grateful for every little breath I take.


Fear accompanies my every attempt to sleep.

For even the destitute still attract prey

worsened off by woes of addiction, looking for the next fix.


Glimpses of kindness greet me now and again,

reminding me of the strength of the unseen web

that binds us together;  bringing  with it a new hope for tomorrow.


Image credit: Pixabay

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