I Made this Call (Original Poetry)

I Made this Call (Original Poetry)

Posted on Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 at 12:29 pm and is filed under Mirrors, Poetry | 0


I Made this Call


A glimpse out of my window

A realisation I am it all

A turn to the left

I am amazed how I made this call



If I made this call, I call the shots

And if I fall upon my blade

I rise today from yesterday’s dust

For a kiss of the mud is all it takes

For a rising soul to see the trick



And if I made this call, I choose to live

At the edge of life in a rose’s bud

Where caterpillars merge to take a prick

At nature’s bow, they call the shots


Oh! I know I made this call to find her here

So that I can learn to dance at my own drum beat

Across the raging seas, my balance I must earn

To dance so hard the seas will calm

At the merging lips of sea and man



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