I Thank my Lucky Stars (Original Poem)

I Thank my Lucky Stars (Original Poem)

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Gratitude a river in full flow.

With all my gratitude, thank you!


Written by @Linzo

The louder you sang, the warmer I felt

For somewhere within, I felt your touch

Of a soul so far, yet so near

Beyond the boundaries of my body’s prison

The gates were open, I ceased to live

The norm I knew, that kept me at bay

For the hunger was greater than;

any praise of man

In time I felt, I had to die

To live a life of sober mind

To journey’s end with a guiding light

That fed the music that lit the soul

A cry of hope is all I needed

In hunger’s den the chains were hot

With loathing I felt from all the hate

That grounded me to hunger more

I thank my stars in many ways

That lent me a hand in the hour of need

To keep the music burning alive

Feeding the hearth with kindle wood of hope

With vision so wide I see it all now

That life is rich with fertile offerings

If only we knew our right to the table

We would despair in tune with our lucky stars

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