In a Bid to Stay Alive (Original Poem)

In a Bid to Stay Alive (Original Poem)


What despair has to do with self loathing.

Dreams in despair


Written by @linzo


Like a flightless bird, hanging on its feathers

In a feeble attempt to catch a drifting wind

I sit and wait for your return in a longing day-dream


Retching, a loyal friend in my hour of despair

A hopeless grip to anchor on for body’s end

In a physical fight to stay afloat


Patterns of remembrance beginning to emerge

From the depth of the water well of tears

In a soul drenched dance so fervent


Surrender in a sacrificial offering so bare

In a union of the heart that ceases separation

In a binding holy matrimonial resonance


Image credit: Pixabay

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