Invitation to Kindness (Poem)

Invitation to Kindness (Poem)

Posted on Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 2:49 pm and is filed under Love, Poetry | 0


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I hear everything around me

but I cannot hear my self.


How is it that the ears to the world

are larger than the ears to the self?


I am familiar with the world of anger,

fear, bitterness and greed.


These emotions weave a net around my body,

making it cease with tension.


I go to healing practitioners for answers

but they only touch the surface.


My symptoms are oozing with puss

but the causes are deeper than they can see.


How did I get this far from myself?

My tense body is screaming out for attention


My tears are cold with survival

My breath sporadic with fear


My mind a whirling wind of madness

My heart an invitation to kindness

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