What is Money ?

What is Money ?

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What is money?

Money isn’t what you have been taught!

What is Your Relationship To Money?


What is money but a concept

Of someone’s imagination from the crypt

Is it not the root word of crypt-o currency?


But you know a crypt is a grave

So, what are they telling us?

Money is backed by death?


What is death then?

Of the mind duality, split nature

Into your left and right brains


Death is of the binary man and woman

And money follows the same rules –rich or poor

But true money is non-binary of the God one


But you also know that those with currency,

Gravitate attention first, then money follows

Does it mean they are not split in duality?


For attention/money goes to the one

You also know that which is of attention is of a child

Is that why there is talk of child sacrifice?


Children are sacrificed every day, to nurseries

To schools at tender ages when still vulnerable

To not only ideologies but also physical sacrifice


Because children are one –not split

The corporations need creativity to be one

That creativity comes from children


Hence celebrities represent creativity

Hence why you pay attention to them

Whence why they gravitate a lot of money – they’re



And the word mon-ey rings in mon-key

Or moon key which is the emotional body –the moon

Now you see why Oz has flying monkeys


If the “Great and Powerful” has moon keys

These monkeys are children who hold the keys

To the crypt/grave that uncovers love


For if the crypt is related to your emotional body

And the moon keys are children

Then the feminine emotional body is the child


This means that all children are of the feminine first

And what is at the sacrifice table is the feminine

And her masculine counterpart looks on

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