Love is all there is (original poetry)

Love is all there is (original poetry)

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Journeys have been made to the skies

On conquerors’ consummated grounds


Countries have been conquered

An imperialist dream
Nations have been desecrated

A people divided in confusion


Communities have become battle grounds

In a struggle to meet basic needs


Children have been schooled in the art of war

To keep the power structure standing


Grand mothers have been penalised

For the fickle retirement dream


Families have become genie pigs

For the biggest social experiment


But everyone possesses a talisman

Hidden deep within the heart


The power of which all prophecy is about

Calling all sons of Adam and Eve


To take their place in the alchemist’s mastery

Of revealing their hearts’ truth


That in all this blazing inferno

Love is all there is!




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