Manned in Time (Original Poem)

Manned in Time (Original Poem)

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Time and man

Manned to time’s cause.


Written by @linzo


Moonlight upon my death, jury of my demise

A cloak adorned by a shadowy silhouette

Stained with remnants of a guilty past

Wrapped in a timeless flicker of time


A trumpeting call as proceedings commence

To awaken the sleeping night in men

As the owls play along a sweeping melody

To render a cautionary hand to the cause


Judged by duty to that which is conscious

Where rudimentary laws define one’s heart

In ways man has played with the game of time

Trying to tame the untameable


In starvation from innocence man ploys

Flagging a dead horse in a feeble attempt

To awaken the kindling light within

In a desperate call for intervention


Image credit: Pixabay

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