Mirrors of Engagement (Original Poem)

Mirrors of Engagement (Original Poem)



Can you see whats in the mirror?

Written by @linzo


A mirror is as good as its reflection,

for owning one when you can’t see

the true self; sells a fallacy.

One which snow white discerned in flawless beauty.


Like a haggle going on down the market,

its not always a fair bargain on the  seller

in a competitive frenzy of sales

that congregates even those without dire needs.


for traders love to tread in profitable

waters,  no matter the cost!

As they out manoeuvre each other, he who

owns the key to the mastery of coercion wins.


But mirrors can’t be eluded in this way,

they always show what is hidden behind the veil.

For even the night hides its secrets temporarily,

as dawn loosens the holding grip of darkness.


Bolder in their determination to reflect love,

mirrors are engaged in a frontier war.

Calling us to look harder, deeper

for a true reflection of ourselves.


Image  credit: Pixabay

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