My First Kiss (Original Poem)

My First Kiss (Original Poem)


Can love be the only mirror?

Love is a mirror

Written by @linzo

You’re my first kiss – there will never be a last

Ingrained within my marrow is a kiss for a lifetime

I never really left your full luscious lips

Now and again I wear a veil of forgetfulness

To experience the strength of the illusion

In its separate segments of self

But I feel your pull in pain and despair

As the heart never forgets its first love

Coined in a nucleus of yin and yang

The mirror never ceases its reflective dance

In a teasing mix of different platters of kisses

From a variety of willing mirrors in partners

Only to remind me of you

I tossed left and right in a bid to hide

Away from the pain of remembrance

Shamed by my feeble efforts to escape

I weep inconsolably in longing for that which I own

My first kiss


Image credit:Pixabay

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