No father

No father

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A Call to the Father

What is your mind but the father?

Who dwells into frequency like a feather?

Creating your mentality, not the other.


If the father is messed up, so are you,

These harsh words have no hue,

But it’s the frequency in the queue.


Why the Christian God, he is the father?

No wonder the world is in lack of favour,

He is the God of wrath, he is  farther.


If your mentality is your currency,

And in the father manifest your frequency,

Then the world had no father, he was racy.


And if currency is your money,

With no father, there is no honey,

Rolling over for you on the knee.


Then poverty of the child engrave,

Lining the pockets, yet to enslave,

Another innocent in the grave.


Why mama not change thee,

To save the child is he,

Away from the devil’s plea.


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