One at Last! ( Original Poem )

One at Last! ( Original Poem )




Forgiveness at crossroads


Written by @linzo

Cast across the ocean, is a net so wide,

lulling all that is forgotten to surface

in memories left untouched by waves of unforgive-ness.


A paddle for a rewarded effort, treading

water amassed by all emotions, conjured up

by those curving out their redemption, against all odds.


Oar owing owner in its stiff filial strokes,

aligning to unify arm to water, in a prayer

that moves waves to dance, reaching  deep within the ocean.


A depth merged to soul by weight of its bodily burdens;

numbed by pain of a constant rocking boat, occupants

ready to disembark and join the  ocean. One at last!


Image credit: Pixabay

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