Self Searching (Original Poem)

Self Searching (Original Poem)

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Love is the only search there is.

Search for self is a search for love.

Written by @linzo

Melody of a hollow mane, glimpses of my shadow

Haunted by my own mask, searching for the truth


Shaded into spaces, a line of black and white

Feeding the illusion in a linear delusion


Raindrops on barren land, a trickle in a distance

Hope hanging in the air, to quench my thirst at last


Drinking my fill at last, abundance at my quest

Beckoning an awakened destiny in earnest


Prison gates opened, body striped to bones

True nature divulged, love embodied


A search for self revealed, in tears of despair

Hunger like no other, fed in lovers’ nests


Image credit: Pixabay

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