Shrivel in Laughter (Original Poem)

Shrivel in Laughter (Original Poem)

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Shrivel to a sweet death.

Die like a piece of art.


Written by @linzo

A rose accepts its fate in the winter

Accepting death has to come to every life

With a shrivel in its delicate petals

Rot and drying to furnace the inevitable death


As accompanying thorns point their sharpness

Inwards in contemplative silence

Letting go of one more season

Stepping forward in one moment of now


Superior in mind, humans march

Each season away in insolate revolt

Holding on a greasy pole

In an attempt to stem the flow of change


Slipping through match like fingers

A grip to the pole, a bruised ego

Despair intact as pain ensues

As a watching rose shrivels in laughter

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