Spiritual Slavery

Spiritual Slavery

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How our relationships work out as spiritual slave ships


I often wonder what slavery is?

For who is to say it isn’t spiritual too,

If people govern what is your internal space.


Day in and out using your  internal space,

But not in a respectful manner,

Using it as a garbage bin.


And these people we insist they are relatives,

Busy making us ill, we say we love them,

Yet in our spiritual space they clutter.


The solution to declutter has to be spiritual,

For once a slave, how do you run from your master?

Change your emotions, everything starts there.


Your triad of manifestation is spiritual first,

Starting from mind, emotions and deed,

Change your thoughts, that will sure help.


Before we manifest in the physical we must think first,

Then second comes the feeling,

And finally manifest in the physical.


Dance in the three and stop the slavery,

Go within and change the dance in duality

Release yourself from the bondage of ages


Stop the spiritual slave ship!

For that is the meaning of a relation-ship,

A ship relating in duality key.


For it to ring in duality, is slavery,

It swings left and right choosing sides,

And isn’t it slavery with a colour palette?


Choosing historical events in the colour black?

What’s to say about history lacking mystery,

For in history we are slaves and mystery free.


So, go within and uncover your mystery,

This is the only way off the spiritual slave ship,

And cast slavery in the deepest part of the ocean.


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