The Human condition (Poetry)

The Human condition (Poetry)



The state of the human heart

Condition of the human heart!

Written by @Linzo

In a human condition so dire, we dare to revolt

against the scars of division, curved in wounds so deep.

Colour to divide the margins of choice,

forgetting of course, that  souls know no colour.


Turning the other cheek, as children hunger,

in blood stained clothes, gunned to profit

for a corporate machine that lives with indifference

in exploiting the poor to gain the ruling class.


A mass asleep as chaos ensures;


As we fuel our cars with blood water

Watered down with money for a trade


We eat from hands of desperate children

In fair trade we hide our woes


We heat our houses, raping the earth

Turning away from nature’s despair


Oh!! The Human condition!


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