To Winter (Original Poem)

To Winter (Original Poem)


Balance in contraction.

Balance in contraction.

Written by @linzo

A heavy mist hangs the air in a state of contraction

In an icy crisp that feeds on every living soul

As skeleton trees surrender in a droopy resignation

Haunted air circles the solitary frail figures


A wintery death indifferent to its recipients

As the contraction draws in even a sentient oak

Graceful in its surrender, scarred in a seasonal demise

Embracing its humility in wisdom of that which is


Acceptance in the elegant grandeur of a conifer

Standing tall and majestic as a soldier on alert

For the timing is fit to breathe the icy air

That supports the greying firs on its back


A foggy shadow, reflecting the mirror white

In a slippery death that plays the stable game

In perfect sync with the rhythms of life

That feed the seasonal changes


Image credit: Pixabay

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