Transitory Love ( Original Poem)

Transitory Love ( Original Poem)

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Written by @linzo


image credit:pixabay


Captivated by your essence

I have become a slave by your side

Tied to your ribs by a knot

In a wedding, naked celebration

Nothing hidden from your sight

Veil lifted with transitory vows

To catch the fleeting moment of now


Forced to discard my old ideas of love

Attachments and expectations no more

Old endeavors in baggage hold

Bruised ego fighting for survival

As it is starved of its livelihood

Heart chamber opening up to mystery

As love goes for an adventure


Making sweet love under the moonlight

You breathe a kiss on to my lips

Teasing my hunger, body yearning

For your tender feathery touch

Your familiarity amazes me, my

Body responding to a long lost lover

Elusive like a black panther

Handing me a mirror in ecstasy

You spoil the moment in revealing

I am making love to myself – we are one!

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