Who is a Celebrity?

Who is a Celebrity?

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 Celebrating Death in Celebrities


Who is a celebrity but a celebrated blood cell?

We have been living in a dead star,

Hence the masquerade in celebrities,

Celebrating the art of death.


For why masquerade if you are alive,

They have been pushing out death,

Hence the authentication of the Jesus programme,

Where a star has to die to manifest.


What do you think the cross is?

It is the ankh which is the body,

Put on the cross to manifest pain,

And the pain frequency manifests instead of joy.


Which means we live in a pain body,

Which is the being we live in, the dead star,

And in order to release us, the celebrity culture,

Has to cease, because we are celebrating death in them.


Hence when a celebrity dies they become the cross,

Worship of a dead star,

Forgetting we are all stars,

The cross is the body a five-pointed star.


And a five-pointed star is emotion which is water,

Which together with thought –your magic wand,

You manifest your reality –the way you live,

Creating your heaven or hell alike.


So, if you are celebrating death in celebrities,

You are trapping death light- your darkness,

Muddying your water, that’s your emotion,

Leave them alone to their graves.


We are tied of death, tell me am lying,

Scattered across the News, nothing new,

We want a new sun, one that is alive,

Stop pushing out death abusing your influence.


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