Creativity Is Your Saviour

Creativity Is Your Saviour


In these poems, the value of creativity is explored in relationship to your individuality. Creativity is Your Saviour” was born out of an observation of information. Creativity is information and information is a form of light. Light is information and depending on who influences you, they govern your mind. But when you create, you build your own ark/mind/light to go into at the time of death. This is the only saviour there is because at the time of death, the mind disembodies from the body and travels to the light/ark/mind you created. If you didn’t create and followed other people’s influence, you go to their influence. This is why it is crucial to take on an art, whether you write, are a poet, musician, painter etc. is of a matter of creating your own influence/your guiding light.

Furthermore, while you live, your creativity is your currency.


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