Heart Takeaways

Heart Takeaways

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Not even the `right’ curve ball has gone around the earth, what’s to be said for the spinning wheel of death?

Whether you know it or not, everyone is searching for something. I was privileged to have a life that was sparked off by death. I didn’t need a mid-life crisis to start the search; I was born with the search tied to my umbilical cord. I was born with enough pain to look for meaning and reasoning in my life to extend to others. Hence the Takeaways; a story based invitation into the search.

Having been born and raised in the sweeping winds of war in Uganda, East Africa, I lived an intensely involved childhood. But something was different about me; I didn’t have a father. The mystery surrounding my father was closely guarded by the hierarchy on my father’s side. My mother never spoke of him either. With the inevitable curiosity of a child, I started to wonder why?

It is this `why’ that builds momentum as I face yet another tragedy in the death of my mother; at age ten. Ingrained within the nature of my environment, is base-line conditioning ideas about what an orphan is. As I struggle to free myself from ideas and perspectives projected on to my perceived status, I hide in what is familiar – death.

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5


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